Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes! The blood test that I gave on the 9th before I went to meet the Director of SIMC, you remember that? Well I called the hospital up today and the Pathology Lab told me the result was ready, but that there was no way they would tell me over the phone. So I begged my aunt to go and get it today (instead of tomorrow when we're anyway meeting the doctor and could thus have picked up the report as well) as the tension was getting to me. So anyway, she took a rick and called me up within some time with great news! I wont bore you with the absolute facts but the markers are well within the range of normal and it looks there I'll be jetting off to Dubai soon.

I know, I know, this wasn't exactly a philosophical or an idea-based post, but hey, its damn important to me. Anyway, once I'm back in Dubai I promise I'll blog more. (I have the feeling that I'm talking to myself again, as I very much doubt I have an audience. Still, I'm too happy to care :D)

Till next time,