Sunday, June 29, 2008

Board Results

Devashish, Eeshaan and I set out to get the results at school. On the way we were discussing how we would rearrange the facial features of anyone who tried to call and tell us our marks. Obviously, you could cut the tension in the car with a knife. The ride passed with occasional lame jokes and each of us telling the other that we weren't going to do so well. Deva kept out of this.

We reached school, and tried to look important as we strode towards the IT Lab. Charan met us on the way - 95.something! Then we made our way into the Lab and barricaded ourselves in. Apparently the internet didn't work, so it was a mad rush to call parents and ask them to check it for them. Results kept coming out. Izaan - 96. Ankit - 96. Superman/Rohan - 97.75. Rajiv - 95.something (I keep confusing him and Charan, which one got .5 and .75) Deva 96.75!(and NO subject below 95! Amazing!) . I tried to get mine but the site wasn't loading my page. Finally it loaded, and guess what it showed. 

X's in place of my marks. Why? Because I had given it at another centre, it wasn't B/8308/021 (which I had written on every one of my papers) but B/8something/093 (a school in Mumbai who provided the invigilators during the exams). So I wait in the front lobby in a state of major tension, while everybody around discusses their marks, some happy, some not so happy. I ask Mr. Bloud what was happening with my marks. He said that they were contacting the ISC so that they could forward my marks to me. 

I only had time at school until my dad came to pick me up, because he had to head home and then out again. So I was praying I got it before then, but I didn't, and ended up leaving with my dad as a nervous wreck. We got into the car (Rohan also came with us as he lives near me) and we headed back home. About 5 minutes into the ride I get a call from school. Its Mr. Bloud. My results have come in. Before he reads them out to me, he tells me that they didn't include the practical marks. Oh, oh. He reads them out, and I am literally crushed. I don't want to mention my marks here, suffice to say they were crap. I started sobbing, and Rohan, the awesome friend that he is, comforted me (along with my Dad obviously). But I couldn't get it off my mind for a few days, and kept responding to 'Well Done!' with 'for what!' for quite some time until my aunt and cousins and immediate family stopped telling me it was good. I know they were trying to make me feel better, but 83.5 is never going to be good enough for me.

Anyway, thankfully, as it always happens, people soon forgot all about it and started concentrating on preparing for college, enrolling for courses, getting their study permits (a perpetual thorn in my side, this deserves another post by itself.) I had already enrolled in all my courses and paid the enrollment deposit to book my place while I was in the hospital itself, so I was set from that end.  

I think the whole college, study permit thing deserves another post. I'll get down to that soon. 

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Samarth Hattangady said...

Dude you got 83.5 despite appearing for only 70 marks in 3 subjects! That is bloody brilliant!!!